Mods – Info & Fees
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Mods – Info & Fees

Mods Soccer

Mods is our recreational program. Kids of all skill levels can play. Our goal for Mods is for kids develop skills, learn teamwork, and to have fun.


What it includes


  • Registration fee for spring is $49.
  • 6-week game season begins mid April.
  • Practices are optional.
  • Includes numbered jersey.


Coaches are all volunteer. Please contact us at if you have an interest in learning more about our coaching program.


Registration open from January 1, 2020 – February 29, 2020


Games are played in the North County Youth Soccer Association Recreational League against teams from other Snohomish County clubs.


No scores or standings are kept for Spring soccer. Most games will be played on Saturdays.


No refunds after March 10th barring hardship (serious injury, child custody, etc).



Year of birth: 2012 (U8)
4 vs 4, no keeper, four 10 minute quarters, ball size #3
*No headers or drop kicks



Years of birth: 2011 (U9) & 2010 (U10)
7 vs 7, introduce keeper & offsides, two 25 minute halves, ball size #4.
*No headers or drop kicks



Years of birth: 2009 (U11) & 2008 (U12)
9 vs 9, two 30 minute halves, ball size #4
*No headers or drop kicks for U11



Years of birth: 2007 (U13) & 2006 (U14)
11 vs 11, two 35 minute halves, ball size #5



Year of birth: 2005 (U15)
11 vs 11, two 40 minute halves, ball size #5



Year of birth: 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001
EYSC is not registering individual players at these age groups. If you have a full team to register, please contact the registrar.






Players returning from last Fall season are given priority when filling teams. Some players may be required to ‘play up’ an age level to fill teams. In the event that not enough players register for an age group, we will do our best to find another local club for them to play with.



Link to NCYSA Recreational League Rules: NCYSA Playing Rules (pdf)