Coach Bios
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Coach Bios

Meet our Everett FC Coaches

Everett Youth Soccer Club (EYSC) is dedicated to developing forward-minded players, both on and off the pitch. Players are encouraged to take risks, so that every player on every team feels confident on the ball. Coaches at EYSC utilize their player’s strong points to create a system of play to refine their natural tendencies, thus fostering a warm learning environment. Through positive encouragement and game-time success, our players develop a positive attitude towards the game. EYSC also strives to develop player leadership, where as players learn, they share their skills and knowledge with the younger teams.

Dave Needham,

Head Coach BU13 & DOC

Dan Gehan,

Head Coach BU14 & Technical Coordinator

Coach Neel

Matt Neel,

Head Coach BU17

Dave Davis,

Head Coach BU11

Brian Frausto,

Assistant Coach BU13

Coach Swab

Mark Swab

Assistant Coach BU11

Jose Juarez,

Assistant Coach BU11

We’re always looking for volunteer select level coaches. Please direct inquiries to our Director of Coaching: