History of EYSC
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History of EYSC

History of Everett Youth Soccer Club

Everett Youth Soccer Club (EYSC) is committed to creating a competitive, supportive, challenging, and fun environment for all our players in and outside our community, we aim to pursue the highest standard in youth development by providing the best possible environment for player growth. EYSC as a soccer organization strives to be a positive role model for our community, including through the provision of financial support for those who really need it to the best of our ability so everybody can play soccer.


Our Vision

Everett Youth Soccer Club (EYSC) goal is to become a highly respected organization that provides quality player development through exceptional coaches, facilities, and volunteers; provides our members the opportunity to develop as people and players to the best of their abilities. Our training methods and formulas for development will empower our players to maximize their abilities and reach their full potential so that maximum enjoyment of soccer can be attained. Additionally, life lessons learned through sport participation and competition will assist each player in the development of the characteristics that are required to be considered an outstanding person and citizen.